Clive Hülle für Apple iPhone X

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  • COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE IPHONE X (without bumper or cover): This case was specially developed for the Apple iPhone X. The perfect fit makes the handling easy. The case is permeable for QI wireless charging.
  • DESIGN: The design of the Adore June bags from the Clive collection is timeless and reduced to the essentials. Design is Adore June’s passion; quality the requirement.
  • PROTECTION: The Adore June case protects the Apple iPhone X from dust, dirt and scratches. This case lets you experience the pleasure of the smartphone in its entirety.
  • QUALITY: This bag is handmade. Adore June attaches great importance to good materials and high workmanship quality. Made in Europe.
  • MATERIAL: The Clive is composed of Jeans and a water repellent Cordura fabric with Teflon coating. The lining is made of soft polar fleece that cleans the display.